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Disco Samba - Most Simple Social Party Dance

Start dance with girl in every Disco Party!

Nutrition & Mealplanning According To The Blood Type Diet ✅

Dieting along to the Blood Type Diet is a new Nutrition / Meal Planning / Herbalism Concept for your Health and Fitness!

Principios de una alimentación vegana saludable

Beneficios de una alimentación 100% basada en plantas

Best Essential Oils for Health & Wellness

Natural Healing for Beginners

Stress Management & Mental Health | Relaxation in a Nutshell

Effective Meditation Exercise for Deep Relaxation, Anxiety Management, Mindfulness & Stress Management and Happiness

Herbalism | Health | Nutrition: Turmeric = Natural Medicine

Turmeric for your health and optimal nutrition - hands-on! Use the herbal medicine and herbalism treat for your benefit!

Get over One Sided Love - Love Deaddiction - in few minutes

Get Your Space Away from Unrequited Love, Start Caring for Yourself Again and finally Take Steps to Move Forward

Zero to Dance Floor Hero

Be Fit And Sensual

Arma tu propia dieta

Aprende a hacer tu propio plan alimenticio y conseguir tu meta fit.

A Well Detailed and Everything Beginner Ketogenic!

Delish Keto Diet

Indian Classical Dance Art - Bharatnatyam Basic Steps Course

FUNDAMENTAL BEGINNER LESSONS FOR STARTING TO LEARN THE DANCE. First Steps. Namaskaram etc. Starting Lessons - Amateurs

The Mindfulness Triangle - How to teach others (microcourse)

A simple and concise micro course on understanding, experiencing and teaching mindfulness more effectively.

Squats From A to Z

Get Fit, Get Strong and Get Sexy

"Breath is Life" Breathing & Meditation course

Tap into the power of your breath and develop health, happiness and inner richness.

Sustainable Thinking - Powerful Tool for Change

A priority today!


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